SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FFM, ‚All inclusive – a tourist world.‘

Tourism has long since become a crucial phenomenon of today’s mobile world society. The traces left by travelers all over the Earth give evidence of a continually growing tourist industry and marks the beginning of a global movement that drastically transforms present-day man and the spaces he passes through. Documentations, parodies and defamiliarizations of traditional tourist motifs, and dream images interlink with subjects like migration, tourist industry, and global communication.

We were asked to create print ads as well as ambient ideas for an art exhibition.


Poster and ads.


A photo pouch as invitation.


Guerrilla ideas focusing on tourism:
Printed towels show that the benches in a famous park close to the museum are all reserved.


Public pools become hotel pools.


Hammocks in the heart of Frankfurt invite people to take a rest from the daily rush.

Visual poster: NL ARCHITECTS, Amsterdam
Agency: fathalischoen


SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FFM, ‚Art machines. Machine art.‘

In general we presume that artists make art, but what happens when machines produce art? Do artists then become engineers? What does the apparent withdrawal of the artist from the creative act mean, and what consequences for the originality and the uniqueness of the work of art result from it? What is a work of art in the first place in such cases: the machine, the product, or the act of production? What role is granted the viewer in the course of production: interaction or exclusion?

Here we start with our campaign and some guerrilla advertising for the exhibition.


(HL:) Art by pressing a button? Give it a try!
Poster and ads.


Advertising pillars become machines.


(HL:) Art by pressing a button? Give it a try!
Towel dispenser in public toilets.


Everyday we push buttons. Some of them we use to hint at the exhibition.

Agency: fathalischoen