NTM, 14th Internationale Schillertage

The 14th Internationale Schillertage at the Nationalthater Mannheim focused on Schiller’s interest in the animalistic and abysmal depth of human nature. The festival built a bridge from Schiller’s literary works to the current issues of humanity. Are we humans or just domesticated wild animals waiting for the right moment to break out? Based on these questions under the motto ‚BEAST MAN‘ we developed a classic ad campaign as well as guerrilla advertisement for the theatre festival.



ntm_st07_3Photographer: Hans Jörg Michel, Mannheim

Ambient ads.
Many retailers supported the festival and allowed us to make use of their mirrors.
So every citizen was confronted with his own inner beast.

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NTM, Season’s opening campaign

The summer is coming to an end. Once again it’s time for theatre. The campaign is divided into two flights. The first one announces the new season, the second one promotes a theatre subscription.

ntm_soc_1(HL:) Bored by life? The new theatre season starts!

ntm_soc_2(HL:) Bored by life? The new theatre season starts! Get your theatre subscription now!

ntm_soc_3(HL:) Bored by life? The new theatre season starts! Get your theatre subscription now!

Photographer: Hans Jörg Michel, Mannheim

NTM, Season’s book

Usually people go to theaters to see the artists. For a new season’s book we changed those habits: the artist came to visit their audience at home. In a very private atmosphere the stage became much smaller and the artists and their audience got in touch with each other.

ntm_szh_3Thomas Berau (Don Giovanni) visiting Alice Ressel (retiree).
ntm_szh_1Uwe Topmann (‚Schaf‘) visiting Theresa und Luis Ebenhöch.

ntm_szh_2Annette Schilli (contrabass) visiting the Schmidt family.

ntm_szh_4Jule Kracht (‚Das große Lalula‘) visiting Josefine Wille.

Photographer: Hans Jörg Michel, MannheimAgency: fathalischoen