MINI China, The Tibet Project

MINI China is co-producer of a documentary movie about Tibet. 8 different MINI models drive 70,000 kilometres to the Mount Everest. Director Cheng Gong portrays the mysticism of Tibet on 5 different routes through the country.



Photographer: Cheng Gong, Beijing mini_tibet_6_o

Additionally to the movie an APP was designed to explore Tibet on the 5 different routes on tablets.
The APP was promoted by online banners and advertorials.

Agency: im2.0 VML, Beijing

MINI China, Trafficstar

MINI China is extending its special equipment series in some models. Upon request, an integrated navigation system is now available. A characteristic element of the MINI interior design is still a circle. And so is the world itself. We asked ourselves: Is this coincidence? Or is the world round so it fits into a MINI. Anyway, now you’ll have the whole world on your dashboard and you won’t get lost where ever you go.

mini_ts_1_4_905The key-visual for poster, banners and ads (on- and offline communication).

Agency: im2.0 VML, Beijing